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Naxos Music Library now contains over 1,500,000 tracks of music and over 100,000 albums. Watch Naxos Music Library grow on Facebook and Twitter. Why choose Naxos Music Library? Extensive Repertoire Naxos Music Library [NML] offers not only practically all standard repertoire, but also an enormous range of specialist repertoire not available from other online sources. Leading Independent Labels The recordings in Naxos Music Library include the complete catalogues of Sony Classical, Warner Classics, EMI Classics, Virgin Classics, Hungaroton, Marco Polo, Naxos and selected titles of other leading independent labels, with more labels being added from time to time. Easy Access, Efficient System A login (user name and password) is assigned to each subscriber who can then access the library anywhere, anytime -- in the office, in the classroom, in a hotel room, in a shop and at home. Every composition and every track is instantly accessible at the click of a mouse -- no more searching on shelves or updating archive information. On the Go Naxos Music Library is available in the iOS app store and Google Play Store, so the collection is with you all the time. Subscribers can create personal playlists for easy access to their favorite works. Value for Money Naxos stands for offering high-quality performances and recordings at an affordable price. The Naxos Music Library offers the same outstanding value-for-money proposition. Naxos, a Name You Can Trust Naxos is the world's leading producer of classical music. We produce more new classical recordings than any other company, independent or major. We also have subsidiaries in most major music markets around the world which can provide customer support. Naxos is committed to music education and produces a wide range of educational material, from audiobooks to mixed-media products, such as books with CDs and dedicated websites.

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