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Why Naxos Spoken Word Library? Value for moneyNaxos AudioBooks, just like Naxos Music, produces first-class performances and recorded sound at an affordable price. The online Spoken Word Library offers the same outstanding value-for-money proposition. Online content saves time and moneyWith the Naxos Spoken Word Library, no lost or damaged CDs need ever to be replaced. Multiple copies are no longer required. On-site and remote accessStudents, teaching staff and other users can log on and listen in the library, in the lecture room, in the office or at home. Vast range of contentLiterature and poetry ranges from medieval times to the twentieth century, and many newly written texts supplement an ever-expanding range of non-fiction. As well as individuals, teachers and students may benefit from this variety, and from the skilfully abridged versions of classic texts. Texts on screenMany texts are available to follow on screen, providing a comprehensive presentation of the literature and an excellent language-learning facility. These texts can also be printed out. Multiple, simultaneous accessMultiple users can simultaneously listen to the same content at the same time. The online Naxos Spoken Word Library is available around the clock. In-copyright titlesNaxos has valid licenses from the publishers of in-copyright titles, allowing these titles to be streamed. Flexible fee structureThe fee structure for educational institutions and libraries is based on the number of simultaneous users (individuals or workstations), on and off campus/site.There is an affordable yearly subscription plan for independent individuals. Naxos, a name you can trustNaxos has been a leader in classical music since 1987 and Naxos AudioBooks a key label in classic spoken word since 1994. Naxos AudioBooks has received numerous international awards for its productions. Readers and actors include some of today's biggest names, such as Kenneth Branagh, Paul Scofield, Juliet Stevenson and many others. Read more here.

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