PC-QS06-D Wired Non-Directional People Counting System



A cost-effective solution, the SenSource PC-QS06-D is a basic, non-directional wired people counter. Each time its beam is broken, the wall mount LCD will increment by one until reset to zero. The system includes a sensor, one reflector, LCD display and power supply. 

PC-QS06D Features:

  • Miniature sensor with articulating bracket and reflector for easy mounting and alignment
  • Modular system installs quickly with very little wiring
  • Small modular display mounts almost anywhere
  • Magnetic reset to prevent tampering
  • 7-year battery backup prevents data loss in case of power failure

Optional Components:

  • To collect and transfer data to a computer using a USB connection, ask about the PC-QS06-R with Count Recorder data logger

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