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Plunkett Research, Ltd. is a global leader in business and industry data. Our online subscription service is used by the world's top corporations, universities, libraries and government agencies. Plunkett's products save time and effort when you need market research, industry statistics and forecasts, or industry trends analysis. We cover all major industry sectors, and we have recently added Industry Research Centers for: 1) Artificial Intelligence, 2) Internet of Things, 3) Games/Apps/Social Media, and 4) Sharing & Gig Economy.  Our superb user tools include Build-A-Report, enabling the export of custom-selected industry overviews—these reports are often used by professors as text books.  Another outstanding feature is our new Industry Analytics tool, providing sector revenues and forecasts for over 500 U.S. industries.  Our up-to-the-minute data, easy interface and terrific subscription prices make us popular with libraries of all types.

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