OSLS Shared Server

Eight colleges and universities are saving administrative and maintenance overhead by participating in the OSLS Shared Server Project, in which the participants share hardware and networking infrastructure for their Innovative Millennium ILS, while retaining the independence of their separate systems.




Performance without the hassle

OSLS combines the robust performance of dedicated server hardware with the lower management overhead one would expect from a cloud-based service.   Libraries can count on OhioNET for troubleshooting connectivity problems and managing the infrastructure necessary to the system's performance.  These hosting and other maintenance issues--software updates, data backup, firewall management, catalog communications settings, and changes to the logins--are handled by OhioNET.

Sharing what saves — Keeping what matters

OSLS requires fewer compromises for participating libraries than a standard consortium's "union" catalog usually demands.  Each participating library retains full control of their OPAC content and catalog records, as well as all the connectivity benefits of a full-fledged Millennium catalog with unlimited records.