ProQuest Obituaries

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ProQuest Obituaries provides more than 10 million obituaries and death notices (with records from all 50 states) from the full, uninterrupted run of top national newspapers dating back to 1851. This information is presented in full image format, allowing researchers to view a reproduction of the actual record as it appeared. (Some obituaries and death notices included photographs; where possible, they have been included.) ProQuest Obituaries cross-searches more than 150 years of history from top titles in regions all across the U.S., allowing users to easily search the entire database and significantly reduce research time. Users can search by name of the deceased, by date, and by keyword in the full text contained in the obituary and death notice (for example, location, occupation, hobbies, family members, or other personal information). Additionally, wildcard searching that can help with name variations is included. Remote access is available to public and academic libraries.

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