RFID Staff Workstation, Unshielded



As component of the bibliotheca RFID System, these versatile units can operate as a circulation desk or tag programming station. The workstation processes both barcodes and RFID tags at checkout and return, and the "case set" feature prevents item substitution. You can also program and reprogram RFID tags and perform barcode-to-RFID conversions - there's no need to use different machines during the conversion process.  With its ergonomic design, the reader pad has a low profile, so items can be processed quickly and safely.  The RFID workstation is fully compatible with existing circulation desk computers, scanners and printers.

2019 OhioNET Member Price (Part #STF316204-000):  $948.00*

Additional Fees include:
First Year Warranty, $1,003.33
Installation:  $100.00
Shipping:  $60.00

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