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Help your students discover dynamic data with nearly 14,000 current and historical data series on U.S. states, counties, cities, ZIP Codes, and metropolitan areas with SAGE Stats.

Harmonizing carefully-vetted data from over 250+ private and public sources into the same format on our easy-to-use platform, researchers from novice to expert have the power and context they need. There are no limitations on data downloading or exporting—download data tables in XLS or CSV, and visualizations in JPG or PNG formats.

The SAGE Stats platform—which currently hosts three cross-searchable statistical databases, State Stats, Local Stats, and Business Stats—supports research at all levels.

Have you ever been asked to help a patron with the following?

• What is the percent change in Medicare benefit payments in my state?
• How greatly does the median air quality index differ between the neighboring countries?
• What is the average home value in my area and how has it changed over the last 10 years?
• What is the history of asthma diagnoses in my county and neighboring counties?
• I’m looking to make a career change. What is the average salary for my new industry in my region?
• What metropolitan areas in my region have the lowest unemployment rates?
• Which zip code has the highest high school graduation rates in my region?

SAGE Stats can help you find the answers to these questions, and more!

SAGE Stats is ever expanding, with new and updated data being continually added across all geographies, covering 15 topical categories:

• Agriculture
• Crime and Law Enforcement
• Defense
• Economy
• Education and Culture
• Employment and Labor
• Energy and Environment
• Geography
• Government Finances
• Health
• Households and Housing
• Population and Politics
• Religion
• Social Welfare
• Transportation

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