Sensource CCAM Monocular Overhead People Counter-White



The 2D people counter is SenSource's mid-level solution for monitoring and counting foot traffic.  It's an ideal low-cost, accurate solution for every industry.  It's a directional sensor, detection and recording both entrance and exit traffic separately.

Some of the features are:

•        Overhead Mounted
•        Power over Ethernet
•        Configurable Count Lines
•        Counts Entrance and Exit counts seperately
•        Onboard Reporting via Ethernet
•        Easily export Data to Excel
•        Over 1 Year of Onboard Data Retention
•        Schedule Video Recordings to Validate Accuracy
•        Requires Ethernet Cable Connection to PoE Switch or PoE Injector
•        1 Sensor Require per Single or Double Door Entrance
•        Mounting height range: 8’ to 12’


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