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The new SIRS Issues Researcher (videos and details) helps students make sense of the world by offering relevant, credible resources aligned to learning standards that tell the whole story on the major issues of the day. Go in-depth into 300 (handout) of our top Leading Issues, or explore thousands of subjects covering topical issues. It's all here, enduring issues such as abortion, capital punishment, immigration, and gun control; and current issues such as the global financial crisis, mass media, privacy rights for teenagers, alternative education, climate change, and same-sex marriage. SIRS has been the leader in social issues coverage for more than 35 years. Thousands of highly targeted documents, primary source documents, websites, and multimedia (including 13,000+ research-quality images) represent viewpoints from the pros and cons, to everything in-between. Every SIRS Leading Issue: Offers introductory overview for context including Terms to Know, Perspectives, and links for Further Research. Reviews the issue's pro/con viewpoints with Essential Questions, answers, and resources for each viewpoint. Provides relevant, full-text documents and multimedia resources, updated daily. Offers sample activity templates for student essays, research papers, debates, and a Research Guide for the Critical Thinker. Links to new collaborative aids, like social bookmarking and note organizers, to discuss and share ideas, then create, present, and mash-up your ideas in Web 2.0-style. Promote critical thinking and inquiry-based learning. When combined with SIRS' full-text arguments and analysis, students can develop well-rounded, thoughtful opinions on thousands of issues and topics. And teachers get tools that help them tie the issues to curriculum, classroom assignments, and learning benchmarks. Additional tools integrate Issues Researcher into daily instruction, including critical questions and graphic/notes organizers for debates, research papers, opinion essays, and more. Finally, standards alignments and Lexile reading levels match reader ability and text difficulty, allowing for individualized instruction and assessment of progress.

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