Staples Business Advantage (SBA) Discount to OHIONET Members

Library Supplies


As a member of OHIONET, your library has the opportunity to place office supply orders through Staples Business Advantage (SBA). OHIONET and SBA are pleased to continue bringing you savings on your office supply purchases. Taking advantage of discount pricing and services is easy with Staples’ website,  Through this website, you'll have access to over 30,000 items which you can order online at your convenience. 

Orders, Catalog Requests and Customer Service: 
To join the program, receive an account number and access to the Staples web site for ordering, please contact Jenna Tompkins, Staples Account Manager, at 614-266-7890 or email her at Once you have your account number you can use OHIONET's Pricing Contract # to obtain your discounts.

If you have questions regarding any of the discount programs OHIONET has negotiated for your library or need the contract number, please contact Pam Rossman, at 1-800-686-8975 x 10 or email,

Email Pam Pam Rossman

Have questions or would like to place an order?