U.S. Political Stats

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U.S. Political Stats allows researchers to easily visualize and analyze data and statistics about the U.S. government and political process. Users will discover a wealth of carefully selected content including election returns from 1980 to the present, congressional floor votes, Supreme Court decisions, presidential performance and economic indicators, as well as diverse demographics. This powerful tool lets users compare different types of data (for example voting records with demographic characteristics) to create datasets and visualizations that bring unique insight into the political process. Designed to be intuitive for the novice researcher, yet robust enough for senior political scientists, the platform allows users to create graphs, charts, and maps to allow for a quick analysis of data trends. Data may also be exported to allow for more in-depth manipulation and analysis.
U.S. Political Stats’ diverse data holdings include:

• Biographical data on members of Congress, presidents, and Supreme Court justices
• Campaign finance records for federal candidates
• Demographics
• Economic indicators
• General, specific, and primary election results
• Roll call tallies for all congressional floor votes
• Interest group scores for members of Congress
• Voting scores for members of Congress, analyzing legislative voting patterns
• Presidential performance indicators
• Public approval scores of government institutions
• Supreme Court case data

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