World Almanac for Kids: Elementary

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All new--The World Almanac® for Kids Elementary is an exciting, fun resource especially for elementary school students. This database provides a wealth of elementary-level content—including engaging illustrated articles, videos, interactives, Fun Facts, and more—in a colorful, kid-friendly format perfect for helping young children develop online research skills. The World Almanac® for Kids Elementary includes exclusive, online-only material as well as content from award-winning Chelsea House and Facts On File sets and series—sources students, educators, and librarians can trust.

Topics include:

  • Our Planet Earth Our Weather
  • Famous Scientists & Inventors All About Mammals
  • All About Reptiles & Amphibians All About Birds
  • All About Fish & Aquatic Life In Your Garden
  • All About Insects, Spiders, & Worms Our Solar System
  • America in Word & Song Habitats in Our World
  • Famous Explorers U.S. Presidents
  • Canadian Provinces & Territories Famous Americans
  • The 50 States Holidays We Celebrate
  • Famous Entertainers Famous Athletes
  • Leaders in Your Community Reader’s Corner
  • First Civilizations What We Eat

The Teacher Support tab offers printable handouts, class forms, science diagrams, science projects, outline maps and a standards correlation area.

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