World Geography: Understanding a Changing World

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World Geography: Understanding a Changing World provides online tools that develop students' global literacy, focusing on the geographical, political, social, economic, and cultural forces that are increasingly important in our globalized world. There were previous eras in American history when our nation's citizens could be excused for being oblivious to the world outside of their direct daily experience. Today, being uninformed about the ongoing conflicts around the globe and the unique characteristics of the world's nations is not a luxury; it's a serious handicap. World Geography: Understanding a Changing World is presented in a highly visual format that engages users and helps them gain understanding and become informed citizens of the world. Content is truly comprehensive, comprising nearly 25,000 primary and secondary sources, yet is simple to navigate. Students can perform advanced searches by region and category as well as country and make demographic comparisons between countries. The Analyze section supports student inquiry by posing such debates as "To what extent have religious differences shaped the ongoing conflict in Kashmir?" and "How has foreign intervention affected the situation in the Middle East?" Users will learn about country-specific holidays and celebrations and read balanced feature stories that offer an in-depth look at international issues. Overview sections present the big picture; integrated reference entries with detailed examinations of specific topics are a click away. Students aged eight to eighty can utilize user-friendly search functions to learn about illiteracy, population growth, common currency, natural resources, GDP per capita, and more. This resource is available in formats designed specifically for academic libraries or public and K-12 libraries. The Academic database includes a feature titled "Idea Exchange." This collection of peer-reviewed articles presents multiple perspectives on core topics and is designed to encourage deeper scholarly exploration and discussion. The articles serve as models of well-constructed argumentative essays. And, they are citable for college- and university-level research papers. Users will find current MLA 7th edition, Chicago 15th ed., and APA 6th edition citation options to help simplify the bibliographic process. Tools for use of the online databases:ABC-CLIO Tools for Middle and High School LibrariesABC-CLIO Tools for Higher Education Libraries

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