World at War: Understanding Conflict and Society

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Recently revised, improved and expanded, this user-friendly database is an invaluable online resource that presents comprehensive information and unique insights into the military conflicts that have defined our nation's identity from its beginning to today. From the Aztec-Spanish War in the 16th century to the United States's military involvement in the Middle East in the last three decades, violent conflict is interwoven throughout our history. While the justification for war is highly debatable, there is no disagreement about the value of studying past conflicts to better understand our nature--and to hopefully avoid future wars. Wars create pivotal points in the human record, defining our leaders as well as changing the lives of ordinary families and citizens. Whether fighting for independence, forging alliances, making a play for dominance, or battling a global threat, history is shaped when nations go to war. And because of the political and economical power of the United States, the effects of its wars ripple throughout the world. Through involving investigations of how the peace of World War I led to World War II, or insightful comparisons of U.S. past involvement in Southeast Asia with the Iraq War, World at War helps students and researchers develop a deeper, critical appreciation of both America's history and total human involvement and costs of war. This freshly updated online database provides users with the most current, accurate, and enlightening information on the conflicts that have shaped our world--and provides the ability to truly understand the past--to help determine the future. This resource is available in formats designed specifically for academic libraries or public and K-12 libraries. The Academic database includes a feature titled "Idea Exchange." This collection of peer-reviewed articles presents multiple perspectives on core topics and is designed to encourage deeper scholarly exploration and discussion. The articles serve as models of well-constructed argumentative essays. And, they are citable for college- and university-level research papers. Users will find current MLA 7th edition, Chicago 15th ed., and APA 6th edition citation options to help simplify the bibliographic process. Tools for use of the online databases:ABC-CLIO Tools for Middle and High School LibrariesABC-CLIO Tools for Higher Education Libraries

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