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Active eResource Trials

The OhioNet eResources team is happy to coordinate trials of existing resources as well as potential new vendor resources for member feedback and review. See below for trials currently open to all OhioNet members! Additional information, including access credentials and product pricing, is available in ConsortiaManager on the eResource Trials page (note: you must be logged in to your ConsortiaManager account to view this information).

Content providers marked with an asterisk (*) are potential vendors OhioNet is considering working with. We want to hear your feedback!

We are always open to member suggestions or reviews of new content providers and resources. Send your thoughts and recommendations to the eResources Team at [email protected]


Trial dates 9/9/21 – 10/31/21
 Intended audience Public libraries
Subject area(s) Library tools, Community tools
 Product category eBooks, Other

About BiblioBoard:

BiblioBoard’s Community Engagement tools help empower local creatives and enable libraries to execute and succeed with remote community services during these changing times. Here is a quick overview of what they offer:

The Indie Author Project (IAP) allows authors to upload their work in a few short minutes for inclusion in your library catalog. All books submitted to IAP are vetted by editorial review boards, including Library Journal, and the best-of-the-best are chosen for inclusion in their nationwide collection!

Musicians/Artists/Other Creatives
Enable musicians, artists, and other creatives to upload their multi-media content into the library to help expand their discovery and reach.

Local History
Create your own digital archives to be discovered by your community. Local history, genealogy, town images, newspapers, etc. All these projects and more can be curated into digital collections that live on forever and are easily discoverable in your catalog. 


Trial dates 10/1/21 – 12/1/21
 Intended audience All libraries
Subject area(s) Science & Medicine, General Reference
 Product category Database, eBooks

About Omnigraphics:

Omnigraphics is a publisher of Health, Teen Health, Teen Finance, and Diversity content serving the school and library markets. Omnigraphics offers 75+ easy-to-navigate Health Reference  titles for the general reader, covering a variety of diseases and conditions from Asthma to Sports Injuries. Within the Health titles, Omnigraphics also recently published a popular and important Disabilities Series. The publisher’s newest initiative is the Diversity Collection which includes timely titles covering key topics such as, Understanding and Navigating Discrimination in America and Women in the Workplace in America, 1900-2021.

The Omnigraphics trial available to OhioNet members includes the databases Health Reference Library Premium, Teen Resource Center Premium, Government Support Index Online, as well as the Omnigraphics eBooks platform.


Trial dates 10/1/21 – 11/1/21
 Intended audience Academic & Public libraries
Subject area(s) Science & Medicine, Data Science
 Product category Database

About Faulkner:

OhioNet has worked with Faulkner Information Services for years and is happy to be facilitating trial access to two of their subscription resources, The Faulkner Advisory for Information Technology Studies (FAITS) and Security Management Practices (SMP). Faulkner Information Services provides in-depth technology information services to public and private sector organizations worldwide.

The FAITS database contains hundreds of carefully researched, plainly written, and easy to understand IT, security, and communications technology reports. All continually updated, fully searchable, and ready to help your patrons navigate the technology landscape. Patrons can browse the information-rich database by subject area, report type, or quickly search the entire database by keyword. Find reports on biometric security, cloud data centers, data analysis and data mining, social media, IT certification, smart grid technology, tablet computing, virtual computing, web design, and hundreds more.

The SMP database provides real world reports for meeting today’s complex security and business continuity challenges. Monthly reports discuss and dissect critical issues and topics that matter the most – everything from campus, physical, and cyber security to personnel, network, and IT security.

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