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eResource News

OhioNET is often contacted by organizations who want to work with us on new opportunities that benefit our member libraries. As a result, the eResources team is developing new strategies to work with our vendors and our members to identify the best of those opportunities. This month, we’re happy to introduce you to eMarketer. If your library is interested in learning more about this research product, please send an email to [email protected]. Your responses will help determine how we move forward.

Your one-stop-shop for digital intelligence. eMarketer PRO, home to all eMarketer research, is the definitive source for staying current on everything digital.

In an increasingly digital world, people are constantly wondering what’s changing and how they’re being affected. Libraries across the nation rely on our database of over 13,200 charts, 1,300 articles, 250 reports, 200 interviews, 400 podcasts so their library members can understand the most important digital trends and topics. Now you can also offer this within your library as a resource.

Empower your library members with the research and perspective needed to understand and thrive in the digital economy. Inquire about eMarketer PRO today.

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