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Explore Tools & Techniques for Digitization on May 8

Take the next session in our Digitization Basics series to learn all about the various tools and basic steps for completing quality scans. This practical webinar is perfect for folks who know the scope of their projects and have a clear idea of what types of materials need to be digitized. Our webinar leaders, Jenni Salamon and Lily Birkhimer (Ohio History Connection), are ready to discuss all the options (including outsourcing) to consider when creating a set of archival-quality scans—from scanner types to resolution settings to file types. Click the title link to register today!

Digitization Basics 2: Tools and Techniques
Wednesday, May 8, 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Presenters: Jenni Salamon and Lily Birkhimer (Ohio History Connection)

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