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OhioNET Training Archive: What’s New & What’s Leaving for Early 2021

OhioNET has opened its Training Archive — a repository of the last 12 months of recorded webinars and professional development resources — to all member institutions through June 30, 2021. Read below to see what recordings were added between November of 2020 through January of 2021 and what will be leaving the Archive throughout February and March.

What’s New (Titles Added in November, December, and January)

  • Do More with ConsortiaManager (11/5)
  • Fundamentals of Cataloging: Overview of Subject Analysis for Copy Catalogers (Session 1) (11/10)
  • Copyright Under Quarantine: Blended & Online Learning (11/11)
  • Copyright Under Quarantine: Virtual Programs & Services (11/12)
  • Fundamentals of Cataloging: Subject Analysis Tools for Copy Catalogers (Session 2) (11/17)
  • Online Database Overviews: Gale In Context Elementary (11/19)
  • Fundamentals of Cataloging: Subject Analysis Suggested Workflows (Session 3) (12/1)
  • Copyright in Action: Creating Sustainable Copyright Policies (12/9)
  • Online Database Overviews: Small Business Reference Center & Business Source (1/14)
  • Podcasting: A Quick-Start Guide (1/21)
  • Fundamentals of Cataloging: Basic Cataloging Overview (Session 1) (1/26)

What’s Leaving Soon (Recording Expires on Dates Listed Below)

  • Copyright in Action: Introduction and Overview (2/13)
  • Fostering Dialogue: Communication Strategies for Challenging Topics (2/19)
  • Fundamentals of Cataloging: Overview of Serials for Copy Catalogers (Session 1) (3/17)
  • Fundamentals of Cataloging: MARC for Serials Cataloging (Session 2) (3/24)
  • Fundamentals of Cataloging: RDA vs AACR2 for Serials Cataloging (Session 3) (3/31)

To access the Training Archive, you will need an individual user account through our website. Sign up for an account here or access the archive directly with an existing account. See our full announcement about opening the OhioNET Training Archive hereFor questions or help accessing a user account, please contact [email protected]

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