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OhioNET Training Archive: What’s New & What’s Leaving in May

In an effort to bring added value to our members and the communities they serve, OhioNET is opening its Training Archive — a repository of the last 12 months of recorded webinars and professional development resources — to all member institutions through June 30, 2020. Read below to see what trainings were added in April and what will be leaving the Archive in May.

What’s New—Titles Added in April 2020

4/8 – Copyright in Action: Fair Use Myths and Misconceptions with Carla Myers (Miami University Libraries) 

4/14 – Re-thinking Census 2020 Outreach: Your Questions Answered with Kirstin Krumsee, Erin Kelsey, and Cindy Boyden (State Library of Ohio) 

4/16 – Exploring Our Statewide Resources: Home Improvement Reference Center with Jeff High (EBSCO) and Kimberly Bishop (Dayton Metro Library)

4/28 – Intentionally Intersectional: Feminist Programming in the Library with Rebecca Stanwick (Toledo-Lucas County Public Library) 

4/30 – Copyright and Online Learning with Carla Myers (Miami University Libraries) 

What’s Leaving—May 2019 Titles (Expire on Dates Listed Below)

5/14 – Exploring Our Statewide Resources: Transparent Language with Lauren Garcanz (Transparent Language) and Megan Sheeran (Upper Arlington Public Library) 

5/21 – How to Grassroots: Limitless Possibilities through Community-Based Solutions with Kate McCartney (Marysville Public Library), Shane Hoffman (Plain City Public Library), Sarah Schaff (Denison University Library), and Gina Maida (University of Mount Union) 

5/29 – Census Overview: Getting Ready for 2020 with Kirstin Krumsee (State Library of Ohio) 

To access the Training Archive, you will need an individual user account through our website. Sign up for an account here, or access the archive directly with an existing account. See our full announcement about opening the OhioNET Training Archive here

If you have questions about the Training Archive, or any other OhioNET service, please contact us at [email protected] or 800-686-8975.

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