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Support Early Learning and Information Literacy at Your Library

by guest contributor Erica Clay

Through the Libraries Connect Ohio (LCO) partnership, all Ohioans have access to a collection of information resources that support quality education, a skilled workforce, and lifelong learning in Ohio.

How can you help your patrons make the most of that collection? Use INFOhio’s Early Learning and Information Literacy tools, which have the LCO resources built in.

  • The Early Learning Portal gives parents and preschool teachers the tools to introduce children ages 3-5 to digital resources that help them build early literacy skills.
  • GO! Ask, Act, Achieve guides children in grades 4-10 through the research and inquiry process, helping them develop essential information literacy skills such as asking questions, researching and exploring the LCO resources, synthesizing and using the information they find, and sharing their results.
  • Research 4 Success (R4S) helps high school and undergraduate college students develop information literacy skills while completing a research project in six manageable steps. In each step, students learn about the skills, practice their skills through a variety of learning activities, and master their skills through practical application.

All Ohioans and Ohio library staff are welcome to use the Early Learning Portal, GO! Ask, Act, Achieve, and Research 4 Success to support Early Learning and Information Literacy. For more information on these learning and literacy tools, contact INFOhio at

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