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ASL Inside partnered with Mango Languages

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OhioNet invites you to learn more about American Sign Language (ASL) Inside, presented through the Mango Languages learning platform. Similar to other courses found in Mango, ASL Inside teaches intuitive language construction through a conversation-based methodology that reinforces grammar, vocabulary, culture, and pronunciation. ASL Inside co-founder Dave Victorson will go over the program’s methodology, product and learning features. There will be a demonstration as well as time for questions.

OhioNet administers all Mango Language packages, including ASL Inside, for our members. Please join us to learn more about this offer.

Who Should Attend

Staff members working in reference, instruction, information literacy or anyone with an interest in the topic.


Photo of Dave Victorson

Dave Victorson

My wife and I co-founded ASL Inside in 2004 to create the most engaging American Sign Language (ASL) content available.  After designing more than 20 DVDs to teach ASL we followed the industry and started over - online.  Since then thousands of ASL learners have learned ASL with our materials.  All of the sign models in our content are deaf or hard of hearing.  You get to learn ASL from native signers.