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Introduction to Privilege

  • Wellbeing
  • Webinar
  • 1 CE Hour


As individuals, we attempt to problem solve using our understanding of the world. These understandings change who we are and what we’ve experienced. With such diverse backgrounds and identities, it stands to reason that we all interact with the world a little differently.

In this hour-long webinar about societal privilege, participants will…  

  • explore the concept of social identity 
  • consider the ways in which most people have a mix of privileged and marginalized identities   
  • gain knowledge about what privilege looks like in the United States   
  • increase awareness of their own privileged and marginalized identities  
  • identify skills and opportunities to use one’s own privilege for the benefit of others.    


To ensure a safe and open learning environment for this topic, our session will not be recorded and will not be available in our Training Archive. 


Who Should Attend

Any library staff member interested in gaining a better understanding of the concepts of privilege and marginalization and exploring skills to use one’s own privilege for the benefit of others.


Photo of SHIFT Consulting

SHIFT Consulting

Training for this session will be provided by team members from SHIFT Consulting—the professional services division of The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio. SHIFT Consulting focuses on leadership and organizational development initiatives with a justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) lens that supports the development of inclusive environments where all feel connected, respected, and valued.