Executive Director

Paul Sawyier Public Library 319 Wapping Street Frankfort KY 40601


Paul Sawyier Public Library


Education and Experience

Accredited Master’s degree in library or information science and at least five years of progressively responsible experience, including supervisory and administrative experience. 

Physical Demands

Walking, reaching, bending, kneeling, carrying, pushing, pulling, handling books and materials, sitting, and other physical demands relevant to library work


·         Competitive salary

·         17 paid vacation days, plus one extra day for each addition year of service to maximum of 22 days

·         Health insurance

·         Paid single dental insurance

·         Paid life insurance

·         Paid sick leave of one day per month worked

·         Participation in the Kentucky Retirement System

·         Thirteen paid holiday annually

·         Option to participate in deferred compensation plan

Option to participate in flexible spending plan


Job Summary

·         Involves administrative, supervisory and professional duties requiring adherence to professional standards of accuracy, confidentiality, integrity and tact

·         Accountable to the Paul Sawyier Public Library Board of Trustees

·         Responsible for policy development, oversight of library facilities, collection development and staff education and development  

Essential Job Duties

·         Plan, organize, direct, implement, and evaluate library services

·         Analyze staffing requirements, select and promote candidates to fill positions

·         Supervise, instruct, and evaluate staff; provide opportunities for staff development and continuing education

·         Offer quality programs and services to the community

·         Implement new services, innovations, programs, and technologies relevant to  community needs

·         Oversee collection development

·         Prepare annual budget and operate the Library in a sound fiscal manner

·         Attend all board meetings and report on library operations; maintain open lines of communication with Board President and board members

·         Work with the Board to implement, review, and update the Strategic Plan at regular intervals

·         Recommend policies and advise the Board on operational, fiscal, staffing, and facilities matters

·         Maintain records and files, including personnel, financial, purchasing, history, and board proceedings

·         Supervise physical plant

·         Attend professional conferences and workshops to meet certification requirements

·         Read professional literature; share ideas and information with staff

·         Keep public informed of the library’s services, materials, policies

·         Take an active part in duties associated with public relations for the Library

·         Maintain a good working relationship with county and city officials

·         Recognize the importance of and support the Friends of the Paul Sawyier Public Library 

Skills and Abilities

·         Ability to work well with people

·         Ability to plan, organize, direct, and regulate library services

·         Shows initiative; dependable; resourceful; able to solve problems; maintain confidentiality

·         Ability to stay abreast of new legislation and procedures affecting library and services

·         Ability to keep the Board informed

·         Ability to prepare accurate reports; to communicate effectively orally and in writing; to follow verbal and written instructions

·         Ability to establish effective working relationships with staff, volunteers, trustees, public and the community

·         Confident in the use of library equipment, computers and automation equipment

Must have a valid driver’s license and be able to drive

Contact Information: 

To Apply

Please submit a cover letter and resume to: 


Paul Sawyier Public Library

ATTN: Paul Sawyier Public Library Board of Trustees

319 Wapping Street

Frankfort, Kentucky  40601


Or email: HR@pspl.org


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