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Fiscal Officer

  • Pickerington Public Library
  • Pickerington, OH
  • Mid-Level
  • Full-Time

About this Job

The Fiscal Officer oversees the financial accounting for the library and provides a prominent level of customer service to staff, BOT (Board of Trustees) and vendors. This position ensures that all financial operations comply with statutes of the State of Ohio, State Auditor requirements, federal and local laws, sound financial practices, and library policies. The Fiscal Officer has a direct responsibility to the Board of Trustees and serves as the fiscal officer of the library pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 3375.32. The Library Board appoints the Fiscal Officer and reviews the Fiscal Officer’s performance. The Fiscal Officer works with the Director for daily operations and serves as a member of the library’s management team.


Start $65,000.00

Required Qualifications

• Manages daily operations of the Fiscal Office.
• Responsible for the proper receipt, investment, and expenditure of public funds.
• Provides the Board of Trustees and the Director with current and accurate financial information so that informed decisions can be made.
• Manages the Library’s financial and payroll systems. This includes all aspects of payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, revenue, and general ledger. Maintains the financial, payroll, OPERS reporting for staff, contractors, and fringe benefit records of the library.
• Manages cash flow and prepares financial forecasts.
• Prepares and presents monthly and annual financial statements and financial information to the Library Board.
• Prepares formal Board documents and resolutions in conjunction with the Director.
• Recommend financial policies to the Library Board and the Director.
• Maintains the library’s commercial and liability insurance coverage.
• Manages the annual budget reporting requirements, financial forecast, and request for proposal process.
• Maintains financial records in accordance with Chapter 117-4, Ohio Administrative Code. Manages biennial audit.
• Ensures compliance with library policies as well as legal and regulatory requirements.
• Attends Library Board meetings; serves as a member of the Library’s Public Record Commission; serves as liaison to the Board’s Finance Committee and attends other Board committee meetings as requested.
• Assists the Director in developing the annual budget.
• Advises the Director on library purchases to ensure that legal purchasing requirements are satisfied, and budgetary guidelines are observed.
• Evaluates the performance of Deputy Fiscal Officer.
• Provides training to staff about budgets.
• Attends annual CPIM training.
• Prepares and maintains Board meeting minutes.
• Maintains and updates the asset inventory at all library locations for insurance.
• Reviews contracts for Maintenance, equipment, etc.

Desired Qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree with emphasis in accounting, business administration, public administration, or related field required.
• Minimum of five years public sector fiscal management experience
• Three years supervisory and management experience.

Employer Statement

Pickerington Public Library is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, state, or local laws.

We are an ever evolving resource that meets the engagement and life-long learning needs of our diverse community.

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Benefits: Comprehensive benefits package includes: PTO; paid holidays; medical, dental, vision & life; OPERS (Ohio Public Employees Retirement System), Professional development

Posted On: Sep 22, 2023 / This posting expires: Dec 22, 2023