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2021 eResource Renewal Reminders

With response deadlines quickly approaching for July 1 subscription renewals, we wanted to share a brief list of reminders and updates for members who participate in OhioNET’s eResources Program. All information below is also available in ConsortiaManager under the new Pages menu item, and includes screenshots of system processes and supporting information.


  • Purchase order numbers
    • If a PO# or other value needs to be included on your invoice, this should be entered in the REF column when checking out in ConsortiaManager. 
  • Billing/Invoicing
    • Invoices are generated and emailed to billing contacts approximately 14 days from the order confirmation date in ConsortiaManager. If your invoice needs to be held until a particular date, please select an option from the Billing Cycle drop-down menu when checking out. 
  • Response deadlines
    • If you do not submit a renewal decision by the deadline listed in ConsortiaManager, your subscription will be cancelled with the publisher. Extensions are available on a case-by-case basis; please contact [email protected] if you need additional time. 
    • McGraw Hill subscribers only – Renewal deadlines for your MH subscriptions cannot be changed. OhioNET is required to submit notice of renewal or cancellation a minimum of 30 days before your current subscription expires. 


  • ConsortiaManager data cleanup and migration
    • The eResources team has been hard at work over the past months adding product information, updating names, and changing agreement structures to make working in ConsortiaManager clearer and simpler! Due to these updates, you may notice that some of your subscriptions are not appearing where they normally do in the Renewals box. If you do not see a subscription listed as a renewal, please check in the dark blue Newly Added box on your dashboard. While a subscription may not be new to your library, certain changes may cause the system to view it as new. Questions can be sent to [email protected]
  • ConsortiaManager member pages
    • OhioNET has acquired a new module for ConsortiaManager that allows us to create our own pages within the CM interface. You can find these new pages by clicking on the “Pages” drop-down in the main menu bar. All the information contained here is also available once you are logged in to CM: Pages –> 2021 Renewal Reminders. 
  • Statistics requests
    • We are happy to request usage statistics from content providers on your behalf. The eResources team receives many requests to gather statistics in the spring months, and depending on the publisher, it can take several days to receive the requested information; please plan accordingly. This form may be used to submit all stats requests:
  • New for 2021 – Office hours
    • We realize that you may have questions or concerns about upcoming renewals, and we are here to support you! Schedule time to chat with OhioNET Electronic Resources Coordinator, Sarah Probst, at your convenience: 

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