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Check Out Project Outcome—Freely Available Online Assessment Portals from PLA and ACRL!

One of the biggest announcements to come out of ACRL in Cleveland last April was the launch of Project Outcome for Academics—a set of freely available online tools modeled on the very successful outcomes assessment portal launched by PLA in 2015.  Over the last few years, libraries of all kinds have been under increasing pressure to demonstrate (and communicate about) the impact of the service they provide to the communities they serve. Now both academics and public libraries all across the country have access to these incredibly useful online tools that can help them do just that.

Project Outcome from PLA

Project Outcome for Academics from ACRL

Watch the OhioNET Training Calendar for webinars on these freely available services, as well as topics like data collection methods, analysis techniques, visualization tools, and more in our Data Analysis & Assessment training track.

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