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Columbus State Library chosen as recipient of Unlimited Possibilities strategic planning grant

Columbus State Library has been selected as the recipient of a grant to launch the pilot journey of OhioNet’s strategic planning services. Unlimited Possibilities, the new consulting arm of OhioNet, will work with the staff of the Columbus State Library over the next 4-5 months to engage stakeholders in inclusive processes, leading to a strategic plan that is both meaningful and generates enthusiasm.

After the final plan is completed, our strategists will continue to offer implementation support throughout the first year of the plan. In return for these services, Columbus State Library will provide us with feedback on every stage of the process so that we can iterate as necessary to provide OhioNet member libraries with strategic planning services that best meet their needs. The Columbus State Library, which serves over 30,000 students and 2,500 college employees, is well-positioned to pilot our stakeholder driven planning process. According to library director, Dana, “The Columbus State Library recognizes that meaningful change requires an ongoing commitment that extends to various areas of the library, its culture, its people, its services, its systems, its collections, its community, and its policies and procedures.” She feels that OhioNet’s consulting services grant will energize and empower the library. We look forward to being partners on their strategic planning journey!

To learn more about the consulting services provided by Unlimited Possibilities, powered by OhioNet, visit our consulting services webpage.

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