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Live Demo: Savannah for Small Libraries

Public library members may have heard of OrangeBoy, but have you heard of Savannah?

Get an overview of OrangeBoy’s powerful new tool for small libraries. Discover how your library can market your products and services through targeted, highly customizable and measured communications with Savannah for Small Libraries!

Join OrangeBoy, Inc. at 2:00 PM on October 29 to see a hands-on demo to discover how you can:

  • Engage and retain your customers;
  • Automate your campaigns quickly and easily; and
  • Make data-driven decisions.

Register now at

Unable to attend on October 29? Contact Jaime Hirschfeld at OrangeBoy to schedule a separate demo:

Jaime Hirschfeld
Sales Manager
OrangeBoy, Inc.
Direct Dial: (202) 689-4373
[email protected]

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