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New ConsortiaManager feature: Member Pages

The eResources Team at OhioNET is always looking for ways to improve ConsortiaManager (CM) for our members. We shared some information about the cleanup and data migration projects we’ve been working on in April’s newsletter, and we are excited to share additional updates this month. 
One of our long-term goals is to make ConsortiaManager a one-stop shop for all things concerning OhioNET eResources. As was briefly mentioned last month, OhioNET now has the ability to create our own pages within ConsortiaManager’s interface. This feature will be used to communicate a variety of important information moving forward, including:
  • New resources,
  • Limited-time offers and discounts,
  • Potential new content providers,
  • Trial information,
  • And more!

Once logged in to CM, you will find these pages by clicking on the Pages dropdown in the navigation bar.



Seasonal eResource Digests will be a regular feature in ConsortiaManager and will contain information about limited-time discounts as well as resources newly available through OhioNET. Digests will be updated regularly and cover a three-month period: Spring (April – June), Summer (July – September), Fall (October – December), and Winter (January – March). 

New content providers looking to work with OhioNET will provide trial access and a product demonstration recording. Access credentials and recording URLs will be housed in CM and available to members for 30-45 days. A link to a short, five question survey will also accompany each trial, allowing members to provide feedback directly to the OhioNET eResources Team. We will be sharing more information about our updated vetting process in the coming months, so stay tuned! 
For those who do not currently have accounts in CM, we will continue to share out information via blog posts, newsletters, and social media, however, pages within CM will contain additional information, such as pricing and trial credentials, that we cannot share publicly. 
We are happy to receive suggestions for improvements to ConsortiaManager! Please email your feedback to [email protected]


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