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NEW: Partner Updates from INFOhio

With the new school year upon us, there are many exciting things going on! Our friends at INFOhio have asked us to share some of their initiatives that reach across library type. We hope that you’ll explore these collaborative opportunities that help strengthen the network of library services in Ohio.

INFOhio IPartners

IPartners are professionals who are employed by agencies which support education. These include ITCs, ESCs, public libraries, State Support Teams, academic libraries, and EdTechs and PBS cohorts. There are currently 147 IPartners in Ohio who have completed a two-hour online training and earned a digital badge recognizing their achievement. They communicate and share information about INFOhio, while continuing to learn more about the resources and services we provide. In return, IPartners are connected to a larger network of professionals. Sharing, learning, and delivering are all components of the IPartner program. Learn more about the IPartner program here.

Learn With INFOhio Webinars

Research shows that after teacher and student engagement, instructional materials have the greatest impact on student learning. RemotEDx and INFOhio have added quality digital resources to our current collection. INFOhio has developed a series of webinars to help educators and library staff use these materials more effectively. Some of these resources are familiar to all Ohio library staff, and some are unique to INFOhio users.

All of the Learn With INFOhio Webinars are useful to user constituencies in public and academic libraries: families with school-age children and faculty and students in Education programs are sure to benefit from libary staff who are knowledgeable about the breadth of instructional materials available to Ohioans. Learn more about INFOhio webinars and sign up now here.

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