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Special Offer: Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitizer

Hygiene and safety are on everybody’s mind  especially for library staff who are in frequent contact with the public. Sentry Custom Security is now offering Steripower® Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitizer and Sanitizer Solution available at discounted prices to OhioNET members through October 31, 2020.

The Steripower® Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitizer is an economical (and environmentally friendly) self-service solution for library staff and patrons.

The sanitizer dispensing unit is available at a special price of $893 per unit, plus shipping and any appliable taxes (list price: $985). Sanitizer solution is also available to members at $35.50 per gallon, plus shipping and any applicable taxes (list price: $49).

Learn more about the Steripower® Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitizer here.

Contact Pam Rossman to place your order: [email protected] or 800-686-8975, ext. 10. 

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