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Digitization Projects & Copyright Considerations

  • Copyright
  • Digitization
  • Webinar
  • 1.5 CE Hours


The last few years have reinforced the importance of providing accessible digital resources and many more libraries are starting (or expanding) their digitization work. But there are many potential copyright pitfalls that could cause a variety of headaches. Learn what protections are offered under U.S. copyright law that libraries can take advantage of when digitizing materials—for access, for preservation, and more.  

Attendees to this webinar will have the opportunity to… 

  • Learn how to estimate the copyright status of a work 
  • Discover user rights granted by Congress in U.S. copyright law that can aid libraries and archives in preserving and sharing collections 
  • Identify ways that donor agreements may impact opportunities to digitize and share collections


Registrants should review the following core copyright content before attending this webinar… 

Copyright in Action: Introduction & Overview 

Copyright in Action: Fair Use Myths and Misconceptions 

Who Should Attend

Library staff responsible for supporting digitization projects or programs and anyone with an interest in the topic. 


Carla Myers Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Scholarly Communications

Carla Myers serves as Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Scholarly Communications for the Miami University Libraries. Her professional presentations and publications focus on fair use, copyright in the classroom, and library copyright issues.