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New cataloging content…and a fresh format!

We’ve recently launched a new training format—live learning events—designed to mimic the real-time, hands-on engagement of an in-person workshop. We’re pleased to announce a set of these highly interactive, in-depth training sessions in our Cataloging & Discovery topic area. Scheduled throughout the rest of 2022, these events are perfect for folks just starting their cataloging work or for those who could use a hands-on refresher. We’ll start with an event that walks attendees through our recommended copy cataloging processes for modifying video resource records in late August. We follow that in September with an event that does the same for working with audio resources.

In October, we’ll be hosting an interactive session on creating tools to streamline your original cataloging work. Finally, in December, we’ll dive into our suggestions for evaluating and modifying subject heading information. Anyone who is looking for hands-on activities, small group discussions, and focused attention from trainers should check out the links embedded above or head to our training page for a full listing of all our upcoming professional development and continuing education opportunities.

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