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New JoVE Content and Discounts for OhioNET Libraries

OhioNET Libraries can now receive:

  • Extra 15% discount: Flexible packaging with customized options tailored to meet faculty, library and budgetary demands.  
  • JoVE’s new content aligns with campus affordability initiatives: JoVE Core and JoVE Lab are an interactive video textbook and lab manual included in selected Science Education bundles. 
  • A dedicated Customer Success Team: Helps faculty integrate subscribed content into course curriculum and support librarian outreach.

About JoVE:
JoVE has two products that work together to accelerate scientific research and education. 

  • Journal: Researchers save time, money and resources
  • Science Education: Innovative and effective teaching tool for students and faculty; training tool for on-boarding new lab members

JoVE videos are an active learning tool:

  • Students perform up to 2x better on assessments
  • 9 in 10 feel more confident during lab
  • Faculty save 20-30 minutes in class time and prep time
  • Researchers increase their lab’s productivity and efficiency


  • Support international students: Science Education videos come with captions in 10 languages
  • Easily integrate into courses: LMS embedding, curriculum mapping, JoVE Tests

Please contact Carrie Waibel at [email protected] or 614-484-1064 for more information and pricing.

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